Daedunsan Provincial Park (Geumsan Region) (대둔산도립공원 (금산지역))

Introduction The Great Monk Wonhyo (617-686) once acclaimed that four days was not enough to appreciate the beauty of Daedunsan Mountain in full. The mountain is divided into the three areas of Geumsan, Nonsan, and Wanju and each has distinct characteristics and charms. The Geumsan area is home to a battlefield from the Imjin War (1592-1598) and the historic Taegosa Temple. Daedunsan Mountain is especially beautiful in the fall when its rock peaks are surrounded by the autumnal tints of turning leaves.

Closed * Subject to abrupt closure due to adverse weather conditions.

Hiking Course ▲ Hwajangsil Square (화장실광장, 0.8km) → Janggun Mineral Spring (장군약수터, 0.43km) → Saengaedae (생애대, 0.62km) → Nakjodae (낙조대, 1.0km) → Taegosa Temple (태고사, 0.43km) → Hwajangsil Square (화장실광장)

Operating Hours [Daedunsan Cable Car] Summer Season 09:00-18:00 Winter Season 09:00-17:00

Parking Facilities Available

Facility Utilization Fees [Cable Car] Round-trip: Individuals - Adults 9,500 won / Children 6,500 won Groups - Adults 8,500 won / Children: 6,000 won Seniors & persons with a disability: 8,500 won

One-way: Individuals - Adults 6,500 won / Children 4,500 won Groups - Adults 4,500 won / Children: 4,000 won Seniors & persons with a disability: 6,000 won

* Groups: 30 people or more

Restrooms Available

Baby Stroller Rentals Not available

Pets Not permitted

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